Mother nature

In awe by the serenity within I gaze upon your strength and time seems to become still. Like a frozen lake, You appear motionless But the wonders of diverse life continue to swarm evermore just below the surface.

Countles generations of nature’s children
You have given shelter, without judgment
And without hesitation. You endure our sorrows, and birth life to us all, While asking nothing in return.

Such Selfless acts shine the purest of love. Those who see you are truly  humbled and embrace unconditional love .
For you are our Mother nature and we are truly blessed.


The willows weep

Stripped of life
Death advances
The broken bones
Of sturdy branches

Harvested life
roots torn by man
Amputating nature
Is paper all I am?

As the oaks fall
And the willows weep
Will you remember my beauty?
As you continue to reap

With my home now gone
Words bring only pain
A Silence follows
For only I remain…

Now a carcuss for a forest
Cut down for land
No longer will they shelter
No longer will they stand

Now you turn to me
Axe ready for the taking
With the forest now gone
Remember.. this was your making

I was once so tall
A wooden skyscraper
Now the plauge of man
Brings death to nature


love  burned to touch
Fear suffocated the air
Infeno of emotion
To much to bare

A wave or relief 
Dulls the frustration 
But fear sparks again
Lighting anxious fixation

With Embers  of whispers  
Tears attack each flame
Scaulding hearts
And placing blame

A warmth of trust 
Brings lovers together
But rumours that boil
Taunt not forever

A flickering optimism
Ignites in the mind.. .

truth found its way
For love is not blind

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Disorder on record

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has effected me for many years. At first I struggled to do the most basic things to look after myself, as my OCD would almost always get in the way. At its worst I found myself unable to properly look after myself, unable to leave my house and difficult to find a purpose in life. This unfortunately spiralled into a very deep depression. However I always had hope that things would get better and although not always perfect, as that is life, every day I get closer to the happiness I want from life.

Disorder on record
obsessively compelled, 
thoughts that torture
and logic withheld.

Invasion of compulsion,
obsessive thought,
what if I'm right?
what if I'm not?

Thoughts linger,
actions fuse,
I'll check once more - 
I've nothing to lose.

I could be right,
I could be wrong,
so I check again, 
it's anxieties song.

The same record played,
I stopped the track.
I broke in the record,
tuning logic back.

What if I'm right?
What if I'm wrong?
I'm tired of these lyrics,
I'll sing my own song

Hope And Creativity

From a young age I always enjoyed being creative. Nothing made me happier than creating something whether that took form in writing , drawing ,painting,jewellery making ect.. whatever form of art I did if I was creating I had happiness . Now in my mid twenties I have found my passion in life and that is pottery. I love to create pieces that reflect both the beauty in nature and the potential of growth within ourselves. This is why in a large amount of my work I choose to incorporate trees as I believe like them we have such potential to grow and become something beautiful.

I have also began to embrace my love for poetry. To me poetry is a wonderful way of expressing our inner vulnerabilities and highlights the beauty within each of our souls. most of the poetry I write about is on personal reflection and the impact we make on others . however I am also extremely passionate in writing about hope to me this is the most beautiful and powerful of all words. as hope is a sign that things can always get better even in the darkest of times … i leave you with a poem i have written that combines growth with hope .

like the storm against the tree, You say I cant thrive, You say I am weak but I will survive,

My roots are strong , I am standing tall, I Will prove you wrong, I will show you all.

I will not give up, I will not fail, I have fought many storms, I will embrace the gale.

When the storm is over, And you see i can cope, I want you to know, it’s because i had hope.

Strong and wise i fought my fears.,To keep on thriving ,For years and years.